Black Swan Automationautomate your service business and take back your time

It's 3:25PM on a wednesdayand you are driving to your next job of the day.

you look down at your phone and you have:- 2 texts from clients asking where you are and when you will arrive- 5 invoices to send to customers from monday and tuesday completed jobs- 8 texts/emails from potential clients asking for a quote

so what do you do?you go to your next job then spend all night completing these tasks, when you should be spending your hard earned free time the way you want to.

lets change that

automate your business and take back your free timeyou may ask yourself "well what exactly can you do for me?

  • Automate invoices - never send invoices manually again and accept online payments

  • Automate estimates to potential new clients with e-signature acceptance

  • Automate professional reports for projects

  • Bookkeeping and record management

  • Website creation/management with a professional email address (

  • Automate bookings so you never need to field customer back & forth scheduling again

  • Automate scheduling of workers

  • Accept deposits automatically upon booking

  • Automatically let customers know when you are on your way to them

  • Automate customer reviews to help your business grow

  • And many more! If it's a manual pain point for you, we most likely can automate it!

What we can create for you:
Your own custom database to house customer information

custom dashboards to view your overall business, job leads, vendors, customers and project status at a glance

How do we automate?

  • We use a combination of off the shelf and custom workflows to automate your business along with a team of professionals who are dedicated to your business

How much does it cost?

  • Start as low as $50/month! This is the average cost for most businesses that we work with for multiple workflows. However, cost may rise depending on the complexity of the workflow you would like and if there are additional tools necessary.

Still Unsure?

  • We are so confident you will not be able to go back to the way you were doing things before that we offer your first two weeks of automation at the cost of $1. If at the end of the two weeks you would like to go back to your old ways, there are no strings attached and we will return your $1 (but trust us, you won't want to).

Ask yourself:
How much is getting back your valuable time worth?

let's get your time back

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